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Things to do and see in the USA

Trails and Hiking


The US has over 198,000 miles (320,000 Km) of trails, which are used by over 40 million hikers, 8 million mountain bikers and 4 million trail runners each year. If you are looking to escape the cities and see the countries beautiful scenery and trails, then see our list below.


Appalachian National Scenic Trail

Spread over 14 states and located between Mount Katahdin, Maine to Springer Mountain, Georgia, it has over 2,100 miles (3,450km) of fantastic trails. The trail has everything you are looking for, from wildlife to history. Part of the trail runs through Harper's Ferry, which is 100km from Washington DC and was made famous during the American Civil War. For more information on the Appalachian National Scenic Trail go to



Continental Divide Trail

Spread over 5 states and located between Antelope Wells, New Mexico to Glacier National Park, Montana, it has over 3,000 miles (4,900 km) of amazing trails.

The Continental Divide is considered the grand-daddy or king of the trails. The trail connects the Mexican and Canadian borders and takes the average person over 6 months to finish it in one go. What makes it even harder is that only 70% of the route is currently considered useable. For those who do it, will love it. Here you will have a chance to see the craggy peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park; the geysers and grizzlies of Yellowstone; the shimmering lakes of Glacier National Park and a lot of piece and quiet in between. For more information on the Continental Divide Trail go to



Florida National Trail

Spread over 1 state and located between Big Cypress to Pensacola, this trail is over 1,500 miles (1,750km) long of spectacular scenery.

Florida is better known for its theme parks and beaches, then its trails, but there are loads in the state. Some of them of which can be strung together for a mammoth expedition to include the bird-rich mangroves of the swampy south and the white-sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. Highlights include exploring the pines of Apalachicola and cooling off in the crystal-clear springs of Ocala National Forest. For more infromation on the Florida National Trail go to



John Muir Trail

Spread over just 1 state and located between Yosemite National Park to Mount Whitney in California. It's only 213 miles (344km) long, but it has some amazing scenery.

John Muir was one of the US's earliest environmentalista. He helped save some of the country's finest wildernesses from development, which included the Yosemite National Park.

The whole route takes about a month to complete, but sections can be done in a single day. Two trails worth checking out is the loop around the Sequoia National Park or climb up Yosemite's iconic Half Dome Peak. For more information on the John Muir Trail go to



Arizona Trail

Spread over just 1 state and located between the Utah border to the Mexican border, its 807 miles (1,300km) long and its worth a visit.

This trail caters to hikers, bikers, horse-riders and cross-country skiers. With so much to offer its gives everyone that chance to see the Wild West the way its meant to be seen.

It's a land of unexpected variety and multiple ecosystems. Here you can mix the red-rock canyons seen in the Hollywood movies with visits to Native American pueblos, refreshing forests, deep caves and parched desert. For more information on the Arizona Trail go to









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