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Table of contents

Clubs and Pubs in Mexico

Mexico City

The nightlife in Mexico City is very good, as there are hundreds of pubs and clubs throughout the city. Many of the world’s DJs come to this city annually to play in front thousands of people, as the dance scene is arguably one of the best in Central America. The best areas in the city with the highest concentration of clubs and pubs are in Polanco, Condesa and in Coyoacán. For the latest news of what’s happening in the city go to Tiempo Libre (, which is published every Thursday, The News ( and the Reforma newspaper, which is great for weekend gigs. If you are looking what DJs are in town go into the Condesa’s Malafama billiard hall, as they will have the latest flyers and posters.


Continental DJ Club
Florencia 12

This is one of the most popular clubs in the city has it attracts big name international DJs on a regular basis. Make sure to arrive early on the weekends as the queues are quite long.


Av de la Paz 39

This is one of the craziest clubs in town, as its open till the early hours of the morning and people are usually on a few things including alcohol.


The Colmillo
Versailles 49

This is one of the best clubs in town as it attracts international DJs on a regular basis.


The Habitat hotel

Avenida Presidente Masaryk, Polanco

This bar has a roof top terrace and gets very busy with locals and tourists having a look below. The drinks are cheap and the cocktails aren’t too bad either.


Insurgentes Sur 377, Condesa

This club is one of the most popular and trendiest clubs in the city. They play mainly techno and house on weekends and make to arrive early as the queues do get quite long.


Puebla 310

This club is located in the bohemian Roma district of the city and it attracts a mostly younger crowd. The club attracts some big DJs from around the world, but the only music they play is hardcore techno, which it’s crowd enjoys every night.






The nightlife in Cancún is arguably one of the best in the country, as the clubs stay open to the early hours of the morning catering to their mainly tourists patrons. As Cancún is a resort and catered towards tourists to the city, all the prices reflect that, as they are quite high. We recommend that you get one of the local papers when you arrive, as it will tell you what is happening.

Blvd Kukulcan

This club is located in a cave and it has five levels and hundreds of laser beams shooting everywhere. The club attracts DJs from all over the world and the music played is usually house music.


Coco Bongo

This club opens at 10pm every day and is one of the most popular clubs in Cancun. This club plays great music to dance to and is especially recommended due to its hot mix of contemporary rock music with latin beats.



This club is part of the hotel Camino Real and is located in the heart of Cancun's hotel zone. It offers a unique opportunity to enjoy Caribbean music and to dance to the tropical beats such as Salsa, Merengue and Samba.



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