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Costa Rica

Flag of Costa Rica

Table of contents

Intro into Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in Central America and it lies between Nicaragua and Panama. The country has a coast line on both the Pacific and the Caribbean and the Caribbean is the favourite among tourists to the country, as many of the resorts are located on that side of the country. The capital of the country is San José and was founded in 1737 and has loads of historical buildings to look at. The country has loads of national parks, which takes up more than 25% of the land in the country. If you are into snorkelling and diving there are more than 25 sights in the country.  The best is Cocos Island, praised by Jacques Cousteau, and Caño Island off the southwest coast, are also good diving areas. Costa Rica is an underrated country, but it is one of the best in Central America and worth a look.



Underground Imports
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