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Flag of Scotland

Table of contents

Intro into Scotland

Scotland is located in the United Kingdom and located north of England, Scotland should be a must for every traveler, as it has so much to offer. With its history and the beautiful highlands it has something for everyone.  

Scotland loves to show its true identity most prominent in their kilts and bagpipes, but when you come to the country you will see loads of pubs and this is the country where the best whisky in the world is produced. Edinburgh alone there are over 600 pubs and Edinburgh is among the most beautiful cities in the world, where the Medieval Old Town (Royal Mile) contrasts with the elegant Georgian New Town and it’s a historical city with the dominant Edinburgh Castle in the centre of the city.

The creation of the first Scottish Parliament in 1999 after 300 years signaled that Scotland is a country taking hold of its own affairs. Edinburgh the more of the international city as it has a huge student and international feel to it. If you want a more Scottish city go to Glasgow as you don’t get as many tourists and you will have a better opportunity to talk to a true Scot. I guarantee wherever you go in Scotland you will love it. For more information on Scotland go to

For more information about the country’s legacy of castles and other historic properties, contact the National Trust for Scotland or Historic Scotland




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