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Republic of Ireland

Flag of Republic of Ireland

Table of contents

Intro into Ireland

Ireland is a popular country, favored by travelers due to its beautiful coast line and it's scenery that seems to stay green year round. Proud of their music it has produced international artists like U2, Cranberries, The Chieftains, Sinead O’Connor, Boyzone, and Westlife.

Ireland used to be a run down country, but during 1994 and 1998, Ireland added 212,000 new jobs to its economy and was one of the strongest economies in Europe. The European Union Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy and the other European countries only added 250,000 over the same time frame. Employers were desperate to find highly skilled people in an economy that was the world's largest exporter of software (ahead of even the U.S.A.).

The country had its problem economically in 2010 and needed the European Union to bail it out of trouble. Things are looking good again, but its still a long way away from the glory days of the late 20th century.

Ireland used to have 7 –8 million people living in the country, but today there are just under 5 million. In the past two hundred years there were a lot of Irish people who immigrated to countries around the world. The country that saw most of this emigration was the U.S., where most moved to either Boston or Chicago. The lucky Irish green is in almost every country around the world. Try and name a country that doesn't have an Irish pub, or that doesn't celebrate St. Patrick's Day (which originated in Ireland). I know there are few countries that don't, but there aren't many. Ireland is a beautiful country and the Irish people are amazing, this country is definitely worth a visit. For more information on Ireland go to or




Underground Imports
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