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Flag of France

Table of contents

When you arrive into France


Arriving by Plane into Paris

There are three international airports in Paris. The first, and biggest is the Charles de Gaulle airport (always known as Roissy in France) it is located approx. 23 kilometers (15 miles) northeast of Paris. The second biggest airport is called Orly airport it is located approx. 15 kilometers (10 miles) south of the city. The third airport and the smallest is known as Beauvais airport this is the terminal for Ryanair which is an Irish airline company, and is for those passengers in the U.K. or Ireland. Ryanair is a budget airline for those who are looking for cheap travel. Beauvais is located approx. 90 kilometers (45 miles) outside the city.


ORLY International Airport

For more information on Orly go to or

The RER B4 and C trains (OrlyVal), travels between Orly and Châtelet (Central Paris) in 30 minutes. Trains run every 4 to 8 minutes, daily from 6am-11pm via Saint Michel. Tickets will cost around €8.85. 

Fares to central Paris from Orly cost around €35, but it might cost more at night.

The OrlyBus stops in Paris at Place Denfer-Rochereau every 12 minutes, 5:45am-11:30pm and tickets will cost €5.80




For more information on Roissy-Charles - De - Gaulle go to or

Take the RER B3 on a half-hour journey to central Paris (Gare du Nord).  Train leaves every 15 minutes, daily from 5:24am-11:58pm and tickets cost €7.85

Fares to central Paris cost around €35, but it might cost more at night.

The Roissy Bus stops at the Opéra every 15 minutes from 5:45am-11pm and tickets are €8.30.




The airport is 1.5 hours outside of Paris. Ryanair and other low-cost airlines are the main airlines using this airport. The main disadvantage with flying with a budget airline is that you are further away from Paris. The bus will cost around €13 and you can catch it outside the terminal building. Buckle in as it's a long, but beautiful drive. For more information on Beauvais go to



Arriving into Paris by Train

There are five international train stations in Paris. Each train station is for those passengers arriving or departing from different parts of Europe.


Gare du Nord

This station is for those passengers arriving from Northern France, England via Calais or the Channel Tunnel.

Eurostar is a train service provided by the railways of Belgium, the UK and France, operating direct high-speed trains from London (Waterloo International) to Paris (Gare du Nord) and to Brussels (Midi/Zuid). It takes 3 hours from London to Paris (via Lille).

Gare de L’est

This station is for those passengers arriving in from Strasbourg, Luxembourg, Basle, and Central Europe.

Gare de Lyon

This station is for those passengers arriving in from Lyon, Marseille, the Rivera, Geneva, or Italy.

Gare d' Austerlitz

This station is for those passengers arriving in from the Loire Valley, Spain, or Southwest France.

Gare st – Lazare

This station is for those passengers arriving in from Normandy, England via Dieppe







Arriving by Plane

Nice International Airport (Nice-Côte d’Azur) is located 6km (4 miles) west of the city. For more information Nice International Airport go to


The local TER station (Nice Saint-Augustin) is a short walk from Terminal 1.  The SNCF station is in the centre of Nice and buses leave from Terminal 2 (Stand 4) every 25 minutes from 7:53am-8:53pm.  The journey takes 15 minutes.  Tickets will cost you €4 one-way.


Fares cost about €25 to the centre of Nice, €50 to Antibes and Sophia Antipolis, €65 to Cannes, €70 Monaco and €250 to Saint-Tropez.


Tickets to Central Nice are €4 and the journey takes about 15 minutes.  Buses take about 50 minutes to reach Cannes (€12.40) and Monaco (€14.10)






The airport in Bordeaux is located 12km (8 miles) west of the city. For more information Bordeaux Airport go to






The airport in Lyon is located 26km (14 miles) west of the city. For more information Lyon Airport go to






The airport in Marseille is located 30km (18 miles) west of the city. For more information Marseille Airport go to



Arriving by Ferry into France
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