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Flag of Estonia

Table of contents

Intro into Estonia

The Republic of Estonia lies in the northeast corner of the Baltic Sea region, Northern Europe. Estonia shares land borders with Latvia and Russia, and lies across the Baltic Sea from Finland and Sweden. The Estonian language is closely related to Finnish but not to the languages of either of the other Baltic Republics, Latvia and Lithuania, or to Russian. The country has unique traditions in folk song and verse, traditions which have had to be strong to survive the many centuries of domination by foreign countries, mainly the Russians.

Tallinn, which is Estonia’s capital, has around 400,000 residents. This country has a lot of ethnic Russians now living in mainly Tallinn, so when you are there you will defiantly be made aware of if they are Russian or Estonian. The locals are quite friendly and you can be in for some interesting conversation.

Since the fall of communism Estonia is fast becoming a popular tourist destination in the Baltic region. The capital Tallinn is a fascinating city with friendly people and the Old Town should not be missed. We would definitely recommend it if you are coming to the Baltic area of Europe.

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