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Table of contents

Intro into England

England is a tiny little island, but it has ruled half the world at one point in time and has had a major impact on the rest of it. Today, England is rich in history and they still honor the Royal Family. Many people come from all over the world to see this (geographically) small country. Most of the people want to see where their ancestors have come from. Many tourists just go to London, but there is more to England than just its capital. In the South - West you have one of the most beautiful areas in England, especially during the summer. In the North you have an area rich in history and beliefs. Then there is Liverpool and Manchester with their great music history.

If you do come to England be sure to bring a lot of money, as the pound is one of the strongiest currencies in the world. The U.K. is probably the best tourist destination in the world. With so much history and such a great night life it is definitely worth a visit. If you are able to receive a work visa, we recommend getting one so you can live and work and enjoy this great place for longer than just a week or two.




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