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Indonesian Beach Resorts


Bali is located just off the eastern edge of the Indonesia’s largest island Java. The majority of the tourists who come to this island are Australians or Europeans who are on their way to Australia. The most popular of the beaches on the island is Kuta Beach, where you will find the majority of the tourists. Most people who come here come for a cheap holiday, great food, amazing beaches, great diving and one of the best surf beaches in the world.

If you are looking for an excursion while you are there we recommend you go to Ubud, which is a jungle resort that has black sandy beaches and some great markets to pick up a local souvenir. 

Another thing Bali is known for is their nightlife, which is by far the best in the country. The best areas to check out are Nusa Dua and Kuta, which has the majority of the bars and clubs that stay open till the early hours of the morning. For more information on Bali go to


Lombok is located east of Bali and is only accessible by air, fast boat or ferry. It’s considered the ‘New Bali’ and because of this it’s attracting the same sorts of tourists, which are mainly Australians and Europeans. Because it’s not quite a party place as Bali is, it attracts families here as well. The two best areas to stay in are in Senggigi and Kuta.

This island is known for its great beaches, diving and surf beaches. Bali has the same as Lombok when it comes to this, but it comes down to yourself are you looking for a party weekend away or are you looking for a relaxing holiday with maybe a drink or two at night. If you want to look for some great bars and clubs while you here go to Kuta area of the island because this is where you will find the majority of the clubs and pubs. For more information on Lombok go to

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